The Dales & The Mill


'The Dales' Heritage Property

Our small heritage demonstration block was planted in 2015 with our major heritage orchard planted in 2016.  
We sourced our trees from Grove Heritage Nursery. We have eighty (80) different apple varieties (cultivars) and three (3) pear on the property.    
50 per cent of the apples are cider varieties and 50 per cent are dessert/culinary varieties.  
In 2018, we commenced our first harvest.  We are on a journey of discovery with these heritage apples.  
Many of these varieties have not been planted in Australia for many a year and are only found in a few orchards and one (1) in particular is only found on our property.  
We are bringing back these varieties so that people can enjoy apples that have been lost to many consumers over time.  
You will not find these varieties in main stream supermarkets.

We are also excited that these heritage varieties will introduce new unique flavours into our ciders for people to enjoy.  
In late 2018 you will be able to visit our orchard to discover the heritage varieties we have planted.

What type of apple is that?
Many people ask us "can you tell me what type of apple this is"?  Well, here are two great databases where you can find out yourself:

We are trained in the Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Edition 4 Code of Practice.


Brady's Lookout Cider Mill

Brady's Lookout Cider Mill is a small cider operation, located in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania.

Our cider mill is not currently open to the public as it is under development. However we know you love good food, a refreshing drink and a great experience - so why not visit out cellar door fortnightly at Harvest Market Launceston.
You can find out when we are there by visiting our Facebook page (Link at the bottom of this page).

The property is a former pear and walnut orchard, undergoing transformation. A small number of the historic trees and a small productive vineyard remain. A large planting of heritage apple (culinary and cider) varieties has been undertaken, some very rarely planted in recent times.